Ice Cream: You scream. We all scream. by Jennifer Kropf [REVIEW]


A short, 7 day self-help book for moms
(In churchy-speak, we call that a devotional)

Some days, motherhood is like having a handful of fire ants dumped down the back of your shirt on a hot, sticky day.

This book is for moms who want to find a smidgen of peace amidst the chaos. It’s for the moms who are tired, the moms who could love themselves a little more, and the moms who have ambitions but are tied down by life. This book is for the moms who dream.

In this delightful little 7 day self-help book, you’ll discover a few tactics for personal revival, some ideas to bring peace into your home, and maybe even a way to not go insane every three minutes.

“Ice Cream” is so relatable and easy to read, yet super life changing throughout all the stages of mothering. Jennifer serves up a self-revival to her readers. It’s like an internal mommy makeover. This book will help you shed the pressure to be a “perfect mom” due to comparing yourself or your children to the “Instagram filter moms”.
After reading “Ice Cream”, I came away with many new tools and ideas to implement into my momming style that will improve my home’s atmosphere. Are you tired? Are you frustrated with the monotony that motherhood can be? If you need a mom win and a sense of victory, I highly recommend you soak up every bit of this devotional.”
-Shilah Goin
Creator of Good Bad Moms
Author of Arise Already and Hustle and Good Bad Moms of the Bible 21 day devotional


At the heart of this book is this…Every family is different, so don’t compare yourself to others or to what you imagined parenting would be. Live every day, one at a time.

I received this book FREE from the author, publisher, distributor, or other source. My only obligation is to provide a fair and honest review.


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