When Couples Pray: The Little Known Secret to Lifelong Happiness in Marriage by Cheri Fuller [REVIEW]


More than a book about praying together, this collection of dynamic resources motivates and guides couples into meaningful prayer! Statistics show that when couples pray together divorce rates plummet to less than 1 percent. Outspoken “prayer warrior” Cheri Fuller takes aim at interference to couples praying together by providing accessible tools to unite them before God. Each chapter offers a brief vignette about real people, a Scripture verse, a prayer exercise, and a “parting thought” for couples to ignite them in prayer. Fuller promises a “double blessing” to readers who pray this way — the joy of experiencing answered prayer and the fulfillment of deepening marital intimacy.


Each “chapter” highlights the struggles and prayer victories of a different couple. Some are in full-time ministry with names that you may recognize while others are “regular” people with problems that only God can solve.

Whether you’re engaged or have been married for many years, I’m sure you will discover a nugget or two to take your relationship to the next level.

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