As Promised….

“If a man makes a promise to the Lord or says he will do something special, he must keep his promise. He must do what he said. – Numbers 30:2 NCV

In August I wrote Dropped the Ball…Sorry 😔, now is the time to keep my promise and to answer Lisa’s question for September as well.

So…here goes…

The challenge for last month was:

Pick three people to talk to about your word…ask your three people a few questions, such as:

– How would you define my word?
– Do you use it in your own life?
– What suggestions could you make to help me practice my word?

Sparking a conversation with someone else about your word can give you a fresh glimpse of it. Use their answers to motivate you to move through your word in a slightly different way than you have so far.

Based on my conversations, ENCOURAGEMENT is anything that you do to lift others up. It can be as simple as a pat on the back or a short note tucked into a loved one’s lunch box. Others suggested things like going to a child’s baseball game or school play can really make the kiddo feel loved. Have you ever just shown up at someone’s house with a cup of coffee and their favorite pastry? Or taken their children for a night so they can get some much-needed rest.

The possibilities are endless.

I promise you, that if you ask God to help you to improve in the area of ENCOURAGEMENT, He will provide the means and opportunity to do so. This practice can be quite exhilarating.

The challenge for this month is:

Sometimes our One Word “works” or doesn’t “work” based on other things happening in our lives.

– Are any of those circumstances within your control?
– As you exercise your word…how you would fill in these blanks.

I could have more [YOUR ONE WORD] in my life if:

  • I did this _______________.
  • I didn’t do this: _______________.

Maybe try journaling or praying to decide which responsibilities belong to you and which ones don’t.

I could have more ENCOURAGEMENT in my life if:

  • If I were a better listener
  • If I was more creative
  • If I showed more empathy for others
  • If I didn’t push people away
  • If I wasn’t so free with my opinions
  • If I didn’t talk so much

How about you? Do you have a WOTY (word of the year)? How would you or those in your life respond to the queries posed above?


  1. The ways to encourage others are endless.
    If I first encourage myself, I have a full tank with which to encourage others.
    Listening to others with my full attention, makes it easier to encourage as the person feels heard.
    It is not what I do but how I make others feel, that will be remembered.

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  2. I love Lisa’s questions but have been remiss about answering them.
    Your list makes so much sense to me. I’ve tried to be a more empathetic listener to a particular friend, who I’ve been a bit short with in the past few months and see how it has helped.
    Wishing you joy and peace in your journey.

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