TWELVE INCHES: Bridging the Gap Between what You Know about God and how You Feel by Patricia Holbrook [REVIEW]


“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” JOHN 10:10

This verse prompted a revolution in my spiritual life. After being a Christian for several years, I was confronted with the truth about my spiritual life. While meditating on that verse, I realized my life was not spiritually abundant at all. What followed was a deliberate pursuit of the abundant life that Jesus promised His followers.

My story is similar to many other Christians’, who know what the Bible says about their God, but have a hard time applying His Truth to their lives. I realized that there were habits, attitudes and people in my life that were preventing me from fulfilling my full potential. These issues needed to be addressed if I were to achieve fulfillment in life.

Twelve Inches is the actual distance between one’s brain and one’s heart. The book is designed as a practical blueprint to an abundant life, written by someone whom many will relate to. It is a Biblical, tested and proven blueprint to an abundant life in Christ. It does not merely expose problems without helping the reader find solutions. It is a step-by-step, Scripture-inspired plan for anyone who wants to live out the promises that God has laid down in His Word, regardless of life’s circumstances or personal limitations.

The ultimate objective of this book is to take the reader from a life of little consequence for God’s kingdom to one that shines brightly for Jesus in action, faith and testimony.

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Chapter 1 – When Your Mind is Starving do you fill it with social media, streaming movies, the latest thriller or things of God

Chapter 2 – When Your Heart Believes Lies the lies overshadow the truth that is right before your eyes.

Chapter 3 – Pet Hurts: When you are Enslaved to your Past it can be almost impossible to transform into who God created you to be.

Chapter 4 – When you hang out with the wrong crowd you have three options: believe them, leave them, or disregard them.

Chapter 5 – When you curse your own life the negativity can cause harm in all areas of our lives.

Chapter 6 – Spending Time with the Architect enables us to gain understanding and wisdom.

Chapter 7 – Breaking ground forms a foundation for our hearts to expand.

Chapter 8 – One step at a time is the only way to really succeed. God is not a genie in a bottle. He is not a vending machine that’s here to fulfill our every whim.

Chapter 9 – The Power of His Word is that unlike any other book ever written it is a living breathing document that is manifested in our walk with Christ.

Chapter 10 – The Power of Your Words is thar out of the same mouth we can speak words of encouragement and love, but an instant later we can spew anger and wrath.

Chapter 11 – Do Not Stall Progress! In other words, trust God in the good times and the bad. He has a plan for you, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Chapter 12 – Connecting to Service doesn’t mean you have to be the best. It just means that you have to be willing to do whatever God calls you to do. Especially when it doesn’t make sense.

Conclusion – Continuous Maintenance tells us that faith is not a one-and-done kind of thing. We must continue to pray, study The Word and worship in community with other believers, all the days of our lives.

I received this book FREE from the author, publisher, distributor, or other source. My only obligation is to provide a fair and honest review.

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