Happy Fall Y’all

Nothing says fall to me like family time at a local apple orchard/pumpkin patch.

Over the weekend our daughter Rachel and her beau met us at Stade’s Farm & Market. The honey crisps are delicious and everyone found the perfect pumpkin.

And now for the photo dump:


  1. I love this post Barbara. The pictures are delightful!: Such brightness and happiness are conveyed through you and your beautiful family, you and your husband in your plaid shirts make a striking, handsome couple and sweetness and God’s beauty shines in the faces of your children. You are blessed and you bless us! ❤️Michele

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  2. A friend of mine visited our local pumpkin patch and overheard two young girls getting all excited about seeing white pumpkins. My friend told these Gen Z girls not to get those, they were white because all of the pumpkin spice had been removed from them. The two girls stood in amazement with their mouths hanging open in wonder. My friend then told them it was just a joke. Yikes!

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