The Growing Season: A Year of Down-on-the-Farm Devotions by Sarah Philpott [REVIEW]


“Sarah has a voice that can speak to us all, and this book is a beautiful representation of her ability to just be real. After reading this book you’ll feel like she’s your best friend.”
—Jill Wagner, actress

Wisdom on Everything from the Soil to Your Soul

Farm life calls to the heart of every Christian, whether we experience it on daily walks through wide open spaces or in the country music we play while stuck in morning traffic. This is by God’s design—the cycle of trusting, sowing, and reaping mirrors our journey with Him.

With The Growing Season, you’ll witness how intricately farming and faith intertwine. Illuminated through the Bible’s truths and author Sarah Philpott’s own stories from life on a Tennessee cattle ranch, you’ll venture month by month and season by season towards relishing the splendor of God’s creation, realizing the need for you to trust Him in good times and bad, and rejoicing in the vision of abundance He has for you.

Packed with tips for baking, grilling, planting, and learning farm lingo, this collection of funny, moving, and inspiring insights will help keep you rooted in God’s desire for your life. Kick off your work boots, pour yourself a glass of sweet iced tea, and draw closer to your Creator as you celebrate His provision


This devotional is unique in that there is only one entry per week which gives the reader time to try a recipe or two if she is so inclined. It matters not if you are a farm girl or have always lived in the city. Philpott is skilled at sharing “real life” that is woven with just the right amount of farming lore and Biblical wisdom.

One particularly memorable story ends like this, “when we worry too much about other people’s storms, we are liable to create tragic storms in our own lives”. Powerful!!

Each time I perused its pages, I was transported home to Clear Creek Farm and the love of my family.

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