A Word Study for March

This month’s One Word challenge is below.


Let’s take a closer look at your One Word for any hidden jewels. Here are three suggestions to try.


Look up your word in the dictionary. Does it have more than one meaning? How many of its meanings are you using for your practice this year? Which meaning is most applicable to you?


verb (used with object), taught, teach·ing.

to impart knowledge of or skill in; give instruction in: She teaches mathematics.

to impart knowledge or skill to; give instruction to: He teaches a large class.

verb (used without object), taught, teach·ing.

to impart knowledge or skill; give instruction.




verb (used with object), learned  [lurnd] or learnt  [lurnt], learn·ing  [lur-ning].

to acquire knowledge of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience: to learn French; to learn to ski.

to become informed of or acquainted with; ascertain: to learn the truth.

to memorize: He learned the poem so he could recite it at the dinner.

to gain (a habit, mannerism, etc.) by experience, exposure to example, or the like; acquire: She learned patience from her father.


verb (used without object), learned  [lurnd] or learnt  [lurnt], learn·ing  [lur-ning].

to acquire knowledge or skill: to learn rapidly.

to become informed (usually followed by of): to learn of an accident.


As I look over the definitions of teach and learn I realize that the two-pronged approach has already helped me to embody the plans God has for me in 2023. I teach PreK during the day and am going to school at night. Only God knew that this would be my path at this stage of my life.


List some of your word’s synonyms. If you had to choose one of these as a backup word for this year, which would you choose? Why?


See also synonyms for: taught / teaches / teaching


See also synonyms for: learned / learning / learnt / relearn


My alternate word for teach would be enlighten or nurture.

My alternate word for learn would be gain.

Putting both ideas together illustrates the win-win potential of the path I am on.


List some of your word’s antonyms. Seeing what your word does NOT mean might help you understand what it does mean. Any insights from its opposite?




What do you notice about the lists above? I see the heartbreak and sadness that comes with failure. I am more determined than ever to do whatever it takes to both teach and learn all the things God has for me in 2023.

Do you have a WOTY? How is God using it to engage with you in new & exciting ways?

I used Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com

Colossians 3:10 NLTMatthew 11:29 NLTPsalm 119:12 NLT



    RE: Your One Word Post for March >>> I am so sorry that I am having an issue yet leaving comments on a few blogs. But I so want to comment and so here I am 🙂

    This was put together as a true learner and teacher. You made me realize again that we must first be a learner before we can be a teacher. May God bless your efforts to both as a student and teacher.


  2. It’s such a God-ordained thing for you to be teaching/learning at the same time! Beautiful, Barb. I appreciate all you share about your words and how the Lord is using them this year, day and night!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the idea of your double-pronged approach to your Word of the Year. It speaks to me as I facilitate a bible study class, and as I work hard to be a lifelong learner in order to lead my class. One of the reasons I teach is to encourage me to keep learning.

    And yes, God knew what you’d be doing this year and led you into your choices. He is good like that!

    Liked by 1 person

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