A Lesson in a Colored Egg

The post below was originally shared on April 8, 2020. I decided to share it today because it was recently published in the Sunshine Weekly Newsletter which is part of Walking With Lambs – Nursing Home Ministry in the 21st Century.


When our children were little, Easter breakfast always started with a story.

Michael, my husband, would crack and peel a colored egg and continue something like this:

The shell represents two things; a heart hardened by sin & Christ’s tomb. His resurrection & the promise of salvation are illustrated by removal of the shell. As you allow Jesus into your life; your heart will soften and be made clean (egg white). When you are saved Christ’s light shines through you (egg yolk).

What started as a simple illustration became a tradition. Some day our grandchildren will hear the story too.


  1. This is such a neat way of teaching about Jesus to our children. I wish we had thought of it when ours were small. Thanks for allowing us to share your story in the newsletter last week. The people love these and I keep needing to print more!

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  2. I love this Barb! It really is such a poignant illustration!

    For some reason I haven’t seen you on my feed for awhile I’ll have to check out as to why…🤔
    Hoping you have a blessed Easter time.
    Blessings, Jennifer


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