Poetry & Prayers

I don’t know about you but the last month has flown by. Even though I know the date on the calendar, I was still surprised when the April One Word link-up reminder arrived in my inbox.

“You don’t have to be a poet or a priest to take this month’s suggestion.

Tap into your inner self by finding or creating a poem or a prayer about your One Word.

However you choose to engage with your One Word this month, stay intentional about its presence and work in your life. 

There’s nothing magical or mystical about a word, but if you plant it as a seed inside you, wonderful things can grow from it.

If you are a small group, do you know the words of your fellow group members? Look for one of their words in a song or quote or book. Share it with them this week.

– Lisa Burgess


So, here goes…













Father God,

I am in awe of all that You teach me each year through the word or phrase that You give me to focus on.

It all started when I realized that I needed cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”. I learned to look for daily blessings and to be grateful for the difficult days that taught me to rely on You alone.

And then, Abba Father, you had me spend the next 12 months in a place where abiding in You was the only way that I was able to navigate the displeasure of the covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. I am truly grateful for the friendships that you brought to me via “Blogger Chat” and “OBSs (Online Bible Studies)”. When my heart and mind are open, You are always right there to fill me with Your love, Your hope, and Your peace.

The learning continued last year when You impressed upon me to be more encouraging to others and to gracefully accept the encouragement that others offered to me. I felt natural to be on the giving end but gracefully receiving encouragement or praise was a bit more arduous for me to learn.

I was not at all surprised when You, My Teacher, gave me Teach & Learn as my WOTYs for 2023. You are molding me and shaping me into something new and exciting. Only You knew that I would be going back to school at this age. I look forward to learning what you have for me to do in the next eight months.

I will be forever grateful for how You have taken me by the hand and led me on this path to discovering more of myself and more of You in the process.

In Your Blessed & Holy Name,



  1. Amen, Barb! I love your acrostic for teach and learn, and the poem as well. It’s rewarding to be stretched a bit. I bet you’ve felt like that this year.

    My WOY for 2023 is remember. I’m calling to mind all the ways God has helped and guided me through the years, while also looking with confidence (by His grace) to the future.

    God bless you, sister!

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  2. Well said, Barb. What a fascinating person you are. From a pre-school bus driver to a Jail chaplin. What a wide range of emotions you encounter. Although maybe simiilar at times. May God continue to bless you in your ministry. Have a fantastic week and God bless.

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  3. Wow! What a fascinatig life you lead, Barb. From preschol bus driver to a jail chaplin. Such a wide range of emotions you must face every day. May God continue to bless you in your ministry.

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