Thank You!

I am truly blessed.

When I started this journey of jail/prison chaplaincy in March I was not sure how it would impact my life & the lives of those around me.

God has blessed me in the following ways:

  • I have a husband who fully supports this ministry.
  • My children & close friends are great prayer warriors.
  • Rides to class or meetings when I needed them were available.
  • My church family is supportive.
  • My education through Only Hope Prison Ministries is far more valuable than the cost of tuition.
  • I have met some amazing people both inside & outside the prison walls that have left a permanent impression on me.
  • The knowledge that we are more like those behind bars than it is comfortable to think about.
  • At some facilities we are allowed to distribute Bibles, magazines & other appropriate literature. This could be costly for a volunteer, BUT God has provided all the materials that I need. The books have come directly from the publisher, a library that needed more space for other things & just yesterday the mailman delivered a box of books from my cousin David in Ohio.

God has called me to this endeavor for the foreseeable future. I am truly grateful for all who participate in this ministry; either directly by serving with me or indirectly by offering your support.



  1. I enjoyed reading these blessings that you pointed out. This one really stuck with me…

    “The knowledge that we are more like those behind bars than it is comfortable to think about.”

    I have often thanked God my life has taken the path it has because I realize I could be in jail just like anyone else. In anger I could have made wrong decisions that caused me to be arrested. I could have been with the wrong people or in the wrong places but God has kept me safe and helped me to learn to choose wisely. But we who are on the outside could be on the inside behind bars, and the men and woman in jail are people just like us that God loves.

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