A Thanksgiving Challenge

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As we ready ourselves for Thanksgiving, there are many things on our to-do list.  There are of course travel plans to make, groceries to shop for and endless recipes to perfect.

But all too often we forget that Thanksgiving is really about being grateful for what God has done in our lives since the last time we gathered around the harvest table.

There is a place for making sure that we prepare some special dishes for our guests, but if your feast puts you in debt, you are missing the mark entirely.

Are you up for a challenge?  Instead of fretting over all the things that you need to do this week, take a page out of my friend Chris’ book and make a list of all the things that God did for you in the past year that you didn’t ask for.  I think you will be surprised at all the blessings that you have come your way.  Once you have made that list spend some one-one time with our Heavenly Father.  Be sure to express your gratitude for the times He carried you when you did not have the strength to go on & for the times He allowed you to be a blessing to someone else.  This is not meant to be an “organ recital” (i.e. praying for relief of aches, pains & illnesses).  As a matter of fact, don’t ask for anything.  Praise God for who He is and the work he is doing in and through your life.  Praise Him for miracles that you witnessed.  Thank Him for your salvation.  Finally, be still and bask in the glow of His presence.

May God bless you through this exercise.

Happy Thanksgiving

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