A Burning Heart

Is your love REAL?

Biblical Reasons

I know this will upset many Christians, but my heart burns within me because our pulpits have deceived so many people into thinking that their dead faith will save them (See James 2:26). Brothers and sisters, if you say that you love Jesus and don’t love your brothers or sisters in Christ, you are a liar. Those are self-refuting points. Don’t you see? If you say that you follow Christ and live your life for yourself, you are a liar! Don’t you see that it is those who walk with Jesus that know Jesus?

Dear brothers and sisters, many of us have got our heads down and are walking through life unaware of the desperate need for Christ’s love in the world around them; even in the Church around them! How many Christians go to Church and feel utterly lonely and isolated in the very pews they “sing…

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