God Always Finds a Way

download (2)Satan is trying to get a foothold in our ministry at the McHenry County Jail since January of this year.  It started with the bitterly cold winter temperatures. After that, we were “canceled” due to several outbreaks of chickenpox & measles. We have also lost a few volunteers due to personal illness, retirement or job change But I am here to tell you that God is working in the hearts of the women at that facility.

Over the last few months, we have seen several women step up as spiritual leaders. These women are leading Bible studies with their fellow inmates.  Not to mention lifting up each other’s concerns in prayer.  We have seen woman tearfully accept Christ in a prayer circle.  I am overjoyed when one of the ladies speaks up and says,  “I know a great verse, that has really helped me with this issue!”

This, my friends, is how God intended for the community to work.  Yes, weather and illness may have prevented the volunteer chaplains from visiting the jail but God found a way….HE ALWAYS DOES!!

We all appreciate your prayers for our ministry.




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