Moses Got it Right


Reblogged fromThe Godly Chic Diaries

I used to be a queen at beating myself up for not being on top of everything. I somehow had let the belief system that success was on me. But, let me tell you — there is ALWAYS a better way with Jesus. It all comes down to what we prioritize in our hearts. I learned quickly to surrender what my idea of success was, and remind myself it’s okay to not do everything perfectly. So today, if you can relate — give yourself a big dose of grace and remember just how far you have come and how far God has brought you. Amen!

I have always admired the Prophet Moses. He was truly a miracle-working leader and a remarkable man of God. The fact that he led a massive following of people through the desert trying to get to the Promised Land and still had a burning desire for God’s presence to be with them simply amazes me.

Moses knew that God’s presence is what separated them from the rest of the nation. Even after God offered to send an Angel before them to go into the promised land and defeat their enemies. Moses was not having it. He told God not to send them to the Promised land if His presence wasn’t with them, which probably moved God’s heart, big time. Moses knew that being in a promise without God’s presence wasn’t worth the promise at all. He knew that in that place true freedom, true living, deep intimacy was available only with God.

I don’t know about you, but I love reading stories like this that stirs up my heart. What I love about God is that He is ALWAYS available. He is so faithful to us — more than we will ever realise. And often times we forget. We forget how much access we have to Him, we forget He is leaning in waiting for our eyes to lock with His and for our spirit to hear what He is saying.

Friends, I encourage you to persue His presence. Turn your attention and affection to Him. It’s in that place everything changes. And I promise you — it will open the eyes of your heart and impact your day more than you will ever know. Amen! God bless.

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