Never Alone

You Belong To God!

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Remember these, O Jacob and Israel; for thou art my servant: I have formed thee; thou art my servant: O Israel, thou shalt not be forgotten of me. Isaiah‬ ‭44:21‬

The first thing and that too twice (in the same verse) the Lord God is reminding Jacob, that he is His servant; and that Jacob belongs to God. Then again, when this Jacob changed into Israel, God is promising, He will not be forgotten of God.


Jacob was the younger son of Issac and Rebekah and the grandson of Abraham and Sarah. He was a plain and simple man, dwelling in tents

GOD NEVER FORGETS THOSE WHO ARE HIS SERVANTS. Another good quality that stood out in Jacob’s life was his obedience to his mother. He would listen to the counsel given by her and act accordingly. But Esau his elder brother walked as per his own wish and messed up his life, big time!

Esau forgo his birthright (his identity), for a morsel of food. He had no vision about eternity, nor did he care for his soul. But Jacob had a vision and so by dwelling in tents he inherited the birthright. Revelation 3:11. Later on when Esau realised his blunder and cried much for it, that wasn’t of any help to him. Hebrews 12:17. Whatever you may received of the Lord, hold it fast and grow in the hope of His coming! A trial might come up to test and see how much we hold fast, but just as Abraham was tested and became righteous in God’s sight, when the same happens with us, let us take the test gladly and overcome by faith.

Always remember – During trials you are not alone; the Lord is with you to lead you through. Don’t fear nor be confused regarding things that come up. Take the promises of God and step forward in faith. God won’t test you beyond the limit you can bear. Even when He lets us go through a trial, He also makes a way of escape out of it. Just trust God with how He leads!

May the Lord help us!

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