Putting the Pieces Together

Another beautiful piece from Just a Jesus Girl

Fragments in the Dark Glass

Reblogged from Just a Jesus Girl

A tidbit of my “handiwork” on textured tile in my bathroom, some as reflected through the mirror. ( The mural as a whole is a jungle scene of light and shadow.) Thought it was a photo uniquely suited to this poem.

Fragments lie jagged on the floor,
Puzzling till my puzzler’s sore. 😏
Does this piece fit there or here?
It just doesn’t always come clear.
Trust the provisional face
Of through the glass darkly, You Say;
All else will fall into place Someday…
Oh, Lord, grant that I might gain More patience
For the days of Your unfettered Presence!
I have You now, it’s true.
Who else could have breathed in me Life anew?
Yet, there’s the unseen I quest for, The unending, unhampered rest as Never before.
Knowing instilled in an instant;
All cares forgotten, banished to Farthest distance.

Longing rises up from deep within my thirsty soul.

So difficult to still the vocal one Within who scarce can surrender Control!

Lord, when, oh, when will I be privy to the answers for all time?! I cry.

Feeling foolish, but out the words do fly!

Ah, but, with tenderest eyes, He shines an unperturbed smile…

When the time is due, my child, He replies.

Yes, these days drag hard at the heart,

The earth is wild,

Infected, blowing wide apart.

But, the dawn is measuring its footsteps,

Preparing for completion of all the bright promises kept.

Fret not, little one.

At the rightest of moments,

My will be done,

Pieces will come,

Locked into My perfect precepts.

And, there you have it;

Fragments will fit when they fit.

No fast fix, this.

But, soothing nevertheless enters

In the heavenly emotional mix.

Longing still rises from deep within My soul,

But, learning all is best in Your control.

May we have a heart ever expectant of His return, but also one that ever rests in the trust of His control of our times! Blessings and prayers to you, friends and thank you for reading!


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