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1Pet.2.12 – Be careful how you live among your unbelieving neighbors. Even if they accuse you of doing wrong, they will see your honorable behavior, and they will believe and give honor to God when he comes to judge the world.

I was reading the book God or Good by John Bevere and this verse jumped out of the book and got me thinking. More specifically the first sentence, “Be careful how you live among your unbelieving neighbors.” When we talk about neighbours I think it includes our friends too. To paraphrase it in line with friends, “Be careful how you live among your unbelieving ‘friends’.”

How many of us can admit that the company of our unbelieving friends can easily be a ground of compromise, temptation and sin? It’s very easy to compromise God in the midst of unbelieving friends. We find that most things that we stand against are normal in the eyes of our unbelieving friends, as a result when we do it in their company they don’t mind about it or stand to correct us. Even though our conscious does we intend to overlook it and eventually stop paying attention to it.

I feel like this is one of the reasons Peter thinks he has to include this in his writings, He reminds us to be careful around our unbelieving friends. Being careful means we have to watch what we say, we need to monitor what we do when we are around them. We need to hold firm to our beliefs even if they look old school among our unbelieving friends. In short we need to fight compromise, sin and temptations around them, not that we won’t get tempted outside their midst but it’s easier to compromise in their midst.

Peter knew it is impossible to live without these neighbours this is why he gives us a way to love among them. I started thinking when we stand firm around them and hold tightly to our beliefs we unconsciously minister to them and show them just how possible and fulfilling it is to live a holy life. We begin to plant seeds in their lives that will eventually germinate and hopefully one day bare fruits. As Marriam Williamson once said “There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people may not feel insecure around you.” BE CAREFUL AROUND UNBELIEVING FRIENDS.

Thank you very much for reading I hope this was relatable. Please find time to read the book God or Good by John Bevere this year.

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