Polished Arrow

I love the imagery that Innerdialects has created here. Your thoughts?


You been saying –

“Why d’you turn away from me, d’you even know I’m here? Not a whisper in my direction. Our intense relationship seems to be one way God- I can even hear You breathe as if I were being carried in Your shoulder, but d’You even look at me ?”

“…in the shadow of His Hand 
has He hid me 
and made me a polished arrow; 
in His quiver has He kept me close 
and concealed me.” 
Is 49:2. REALLY?


Our human structures are visual/calculated. We are Time-zoned, we make reports on productivity, we are skewed by flow charts and input/output ratios. Try telling someone you’re a Polished Arrow in Divine Quiver, waiting your moment.Actually, don’t. Don’t talk about it, but set aside 5 minutes to chew on it real slow.

Each of us has that one thing we will do, ornot do

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