I awoke before the alarm feeling well rested and ready to face the day. I said a brief prayer & went about my morning routine.

What does the day hold for me? Will it be quiet and uneventful or loud and chaotic like most school days are?

When my children were young, my days were filled with laughter, sticky fingers, storytime & cuddles. Some days I questioned my sanity at having them 19 months apart. But looking back, God’s timing was perfect.

I am blessed to be the mom of two amazing young adults, Mark & Rachel, your mom loves you.


  1. Your children are beautiful! My older three are close in age, too. I can remember a lot of sticky times with them, but it’s also wonderful watching them grow up together. They are all very close and also good teachers to my youngest son. Really enjoying your daily thoughts, by the way. Gets me thinking, too. Here’s hoping for some quiet pockets in your busy day. ☺

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