A Simpler Time

Since being under the shelter-in-place order, my days seem to all run together. I have been contemplating what it was like to have lived in a simpler time.

  • No electricity or a telephone
  • An outhouse in the backyard
  • Water came from a well
  • A seven day a week, sunup to sundown work ethic
  • Children had chores
  • The Bible was part of every child’s education
  • People looked out for their neighbors
  • Children had respect for their elders
  • People had less stuff
  • All food was organic
  • Families made their own furniture & clothing

Doesn’t it sound refreshing? It does to me.


  1. Yes Barb! I would love to go back to days without smart phones and distractions of social media! More intentional conversations and relationships. Although, I am grateful for technology with our writing blogs! 😉

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  2. Sounds refreshing indeed honey. The world is getting complicated by the day. Simplicity which is the best lifestyle is getting outdated.SAD. my grandma can talk about this topic a whole day without stopping 🤣

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  3. Amen..
    The Lord said we are born for times such as these.. but I love the vintage years..
    When you read Spurgeon, or A.W. Tozer, you see what can be inspired without all the distractions..

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