I Remember…

My sister, Maria, wrote this poem for me a few years ago. It is framed and hangs on the wall in my living room.

I Remember… 

I remember long days spent just with my sister 

I remember growing older and realizing I missed her  

I remember big sister was my idol, my dream 

I remember in my eyes, big sister was a queen 

I remember playing Barbies and paper dolls 

I remember them being replaced with telephone calls 

I remember the fighting and calling of names 

I remember snowy days playing made up games 

I remember realizing we were not the same 

I remember that caused lots of pain 

I remember realizing our differences were great 

I remember worrying when she was late from a date 

I remember leaning on her when times were hard 

I remember catching lightning bugs in the front yard 

I remember being troubled when she moved away 

I remember just wishing we were young and could play 

I remember my sister’s lovely wedding day 

I remember their song left me with nothing to say 

I remember the glorious day she gave birth 

I remember her children were the greatest on earth 

I remember her hand-me-downs that I proudly wore 

I remember all of this, I remember much more 

Such fond sister memories in today’s world are rare 

I look forward to making more memories to share 

Merry Christmas Barb! 

I love you! 


Maria & her husband Jim


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