Story Time- Two 10 Year Old Boys Creating….

I love how the minds of 10-year-old boys work.

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You know how people are always looking for the secret somethings? You know- the secret to success, the secret to life, the secret to…………..

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Well I was way ahead of the curve on that. When I was 10 years old, one early summer day, my best friend Todd and I decided we were going to create the secret power formula that no one had ever thought of.

Into the garage we went where we began to combine the ingredients for our secret power potion. Into the large metal bowl went liquid car wax, fertilizer, car oil, and whatever else we could get our 10 year old hands on.

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Then it happened. Todd and I both lived at the top of the hill. We looked down and noticed his mom had turned the corner. Panicked over being busted, we dumped…

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