Grandma’s Bible

A few weeks ago I asked my mom for copies of some old pictures. Yesterday, the package arrived. My wonderful mother not only included the promised pictures but a few other items as well. One such item was my Grandma’s Bible. Inside the front cover Grandma had written some thoughts. I could tell by the deterioration of her beautiful penmanship that the notes had been written over the course of many years.

We must know the scripture in order: to be intelligent Christians, to have a growing faith and to be prepared to interpret Christ to others.”

The gift of God is eternal life & offered freely to those who trust in Him. The greatest adventure the mind could ever conceive of.”

“Follow the pathway of obedience. Let the word of God do its own work and you will be used by God far beyond your own powers”

“Knowing God is the greatest of all knowledge – Charles Stanley”

“The Bible is God’s revelation of truth and is intended for regular use by every believer.”

“I hear no one boast, that he has a knowledge of the Scriptures, but rather that he owns a Bible written in golden characters. And tell me then, of what profit is this? The Holy Scriptures were not given to us that we should enclose them in books, but that we should engrave them upon our hearts. — St. John Chrysostom”

I look excitedly to diving further into Grandma’s Bible and having her notes speak God’s truths to my heart.

Grandpa & Grandma Shockey March 2001


  1. Such precious words your grandmother wrote reflecting how she valued scriptures and what they meant to her.
    What a blessing to have them and I hope you truly have a blessed time as you use her Bible.

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