35 Years Ago Today

Very early in the morning of Friday, May 24, 1985 I got the phone call that I had been dreading. You see, my Grandma Peg had liver cancer and we all knew the end was near. My grandma was my best friend. Before she got sick, she wrote to me nearly every week. She never shied away from any topic that I needed to talk about. I do not know how I would have made it through my parents’ divorce without her to lean on. When Grandma had her biopsy, it was I that signed the papers saying that I understood the dangers of the procedure & then I held her hand as the doctor inserted that long needle into her abdomen and extracted the cancerous tissue. This was the fall of 1984 & I was 19. The doctors told her that she would not make it to Thanksgiving. But, Decoration Day, or as we call it today Memorial Day, was her favorite holiday. I believe she held on as long as she could to be able to celebrate Decoration Day one more time. She almost made it! I MISS YOU, Margaret R Hyde Sampson. I will see you again in Heaven. 

John T Sampson & Margaret R Hyde Sampson 1940s


  1. May our Father God feel your grief especially at this time, let His peace enfold you and comfort you in the glow of warm memories. Amen.🙏

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  2. I remember answering the phone that day to the same message that Grandma had passed away. When the phone rang so early in the morning, I knew what the message was before I even picked up the phone. I started crying immediately & running to get my mom on the phone. I was 18 & this was a week before I graduated high school. I had really hoped Grandma would make it to summer so we could see her again since we lived in Florida but it was her time to pass & go to her final resting place in heaven. I miss her so…

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  3. Oh Barb, you just drove me to tears. I have alot to tell you since there is alot we share based on your write up today and i choose to just let you know, yes its true, you and grandma will meet in Heaven.

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