Honoring the Heroes of D-Day

I received this email today from Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk I felt it was worth a share here. My thoughts are below,

“This date, June 6, 2020, marks the 76th anniversary of D-Day. The world will never forget the events of that day in 1944 when American military forces landed on the beaches of Normandy to liberate Nazi-occupied France. All combined, 156,000 troops were deployed, utilizing 6,900 ships and landing craft, 36,000 vehicles, and 11,600 planes.

Freedom and tyranny hung in the balance for millions of people worldwide during that battle, and the outcome was anything but certain. An Allied defeat could have prolonged World War II indefinitely, and might even have changed its eventual outcome. Incredible bravery and unimaginable sacrifices were witnessed that day which forever changed the course of modern history.

Please join us today in prayer as we honor these heroes of yesteryear who contributed to the freedom we cherish today.

Grandpa Shockey & Sandy Shockey (Van Pelt) just before he left for Europe

My grandfather, Floyd C Shockey, hit that beach on the following day & begin the arduous task of cleaning up the beach and preparing his fellow soldiers for burial. It is men like him that give us the freedoms we have in this country. We may not agree with all that is going on right now, but our Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech to ALL of our citizens (not just the ones we agree with). We are also guaranteed the freedom of religion. Please join me today in thanking God for those who have gone before us and pray for peace in our land.


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