JAEL [Review]

Jael is one of those characters in the Bible whose “small” act of obedience changed everything! If you are not familar with her story you can read it in Judges 4:16-24, 5:24.

Earlier this summer I came across a post for an online bookclub. The book was JAEL – for women who are poised to say ‘yes!” to God – by Orowhe Blessing. I eagerly signed up after I read what the book was about and that there would 5 different facilitators from across the globe (Nigeria, Malaysia & USA). Due to the time difference (WAT to CDST) I was able to participate in two of the discusssons but I thoroughly enjoyed the book.


“The path to total obedience in God could be steep sometimes because the human heart loves to explore disobedience. From the Old Testament to the New, God had always sought to use women to convey His plans on the earth. But, for most of us our first response to God is either an excuse on why we cannot be used of Him, or we cling tightly to that ‘non-chalant ‘ attitude. Jael, wife of Heber stood in a class of her own and she was a good exception.

We are mostly clueless or misinformed on whether women were meant to climb the zenith in their relationship with God. we are plagued by the struggles women encounter trying to be vulnerable
to one another. we sometimes think God cannot be found in small things, hence, when a thing does not attract the necessary social media publicity and attention, we belittle it, and to top this, we feel it is unfashionable to be led and controlled by the Holy Spirit. Jael stood gallantly in her days, and it is only necessary to allow her teach us how to ascend and take the mountains for the King of kings.

Are you ready?


Each chapter is packed with scripture (KJV).

“…you need a daily dose of the Holy Spirit”

“…if you are waiting for the best of conditions to do God’s will, instructions, delight, and pleasure, you are in for a big surprise”

“If there is one thing I know about God, it is that your past cannot stop Him.”

“Rest outside Christ and a relationship with Him is a mirage.”

“Jael knew what God wanted her to do. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, she stepped out and made God proud and for forty years, the land knew peace.”

“God wants you to be the woman who understands that His purposes are more important than your ego or desires. The woman that is willing to go all out for her king, even in discomfort.”

“Do not allow anything to hinder you. Decide today to be a blessing to the entire women in your circle as much as depends on you.”

“Never allow criticisms of people to hold you bound. If God had said it to you, He is watching His word to fulfil it. The question is, “Are you willing to ascend with God?””

“We cannot please God if we are never helped by the Holy Spirit.”

“Do you realise the Holy Spirit is the only Author who makes Himself available every time you want to read His book? True! As you welcome Him, He sits with you to explain His book.”


Orowhe Blessing Omoregie is a Christian and a writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2018, her book, “In The Waiting” was written to encouraged single Christian ladies on the need to cast off the cloak of despair to embrace pure joy while waiting on the Lord’s timing for marriage. Orowhe has recently published “Lust and Purity” a book that reveals Satan’s ploy on Sexual pervasion and how
Christian women are deceived by it.

Orowhe blogs on Christian Faith, Reading Christian Books, Love, Relationships and many other topics on Thirsty17.wordpress.com.

Orowhe is still offering a free PDF copy on the book on her blog. CLICK HERE to get your copy.



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