This is Business vol. 1 [Review]

I recently revived my long-neglected Goodreads account. If you are not familiar with Goodreads, it is a social media platform dedicated to reading, reviewing & sharing what you are currently reading as well as helping keep a list of old favorites and “want to read” books.

I discovered that I could win free books (both print & ebooks via Amazon Kindle). Yesterday, I got word that I won TWO books.

I received the first one immediately via Kindle. The second will be coming via snail mail.

This Is Business vol. 1: The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Dream Business Before College,

I can see this as a great place for a young (or older) entrepreneur to start.  The book includes short exercises at the end of each chapter to help with creating a business plan and other essential steps. 

I also appreciate that the author, Lamarr Mann, encourages the reader to seek out and read other books on entrepreneurship.

I can think of a few young people that I will be sharing this book with.

I received this book free from Amazon Kindle & Goodreads.  I am not under any obligation to give a good review.

#goodreads #giveaway

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