As I pondered what to write about today I kept coming up empty. I wanted to write something deep and profoundly interesting. But nothing was coming to me.

So I told myself it was ok to skip a day and break my 33 day writing streak. ….”Wait, what are you doing. You can’t do that. Buckle down & figure out something to write about”…Sorry about that, I didn’t mean for you to take a journey inside my head.

So what do you do when you have writers block? Do you set it aside, give up or just plow through?


  1. As we are devotional writers we can share the same issues and the same remedy. I have had days where I feel I have nothing to write, I pray about it and forget it…leave it with Him. I don’t try to force it, instead I read more of my Bible and other peoples blogs. It is often in the reading process that I get something, praise God! Hope this is helpful Barbara. God bless you sister.

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