The Wheels on the Bus

Head Start – Crystal Lake is getting ready to go back to in-person learning. We thought that this next adventure would begin on October 5th, but sadly the date has been pushed back to at least November 2nd.

Never fear there is still much to do to prepare ourselves and the students for what school will look like when they do return.

This week I prepared storytime videos of “Green Eggs & Ham” and “Ten Apples on Top”, two Dr. Seuss classics. I did a quick “Hi. I’m Ms. Barb” video and two videos about the bus. The more that the kiddos see our faces (with & without the mask) the easier the transition to in-person learning will be.

This is Mia. She helped me with “Ten Apples on Top” and one of the School Bus videos. She can’t wait for her friends in Class 1 to join her.
I hope you enjoy this peek into a day on the bus with Ms. Barbie


  1. Yay! Even with changes, it is exciting to know you’ll be able to come together again! I love the special touches you are taking! That is so helpful to put the kiddos at ease. ( And nice book choices! Always been two of my favorites! 😊) Blessings and prayers to you!

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