Critical Issues That Should Impact Your Vote – Critical Issue # 5

If you missed the first three installments of this series they are Issues 1 & 2 Issue 3 & Issue 4 + Debate #1

From Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk:

“Recently, the Supreme Court handed down one of its most egregious rulings since Roe v. Wade. It is the case of Bostock v. Clayton County. This decision created a new legal definition of sex out of thin air, based on nothing more than the whims of six justices.

Lawyers tell us that this ruling will affect every dimension of culture and haunt the nation as long as it endures.

It’s up to us to support politicians who will appoint judges who are faithful to the Constitution.”

“Thomas Jefferson warned repeatedly about the emergence of an out—of-control judiciary that would destroy the Constitution and, along with it, America’s fundamental freedoms. It appears he was right.

Justices and judges are constitutionally charged to interpret the law, not make law. But again, and again, they have overstepped their authority and brought us atrocities such as abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, and the so-called “separation of church and state,” which doesn’t appear in the Constitution.

I can only imagine what our founders would think of the state of our judicial branch today. Our judges face ever increasing pressure to make law rather than interpret law. Too often they have succumbed to that pressure, functioning as super-legislators rather than neutral arbiters. Given recent rulings, we know that judicial overreach has almost ruined this great nation.

In the last few years, we’ve seen an increasing number of judges who understand their constitutional obligations. The current administration, led by President Donald Trump, has appointed nearly 200 Article III judges to the bench, including two justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. This is good news! However, the battle for the soul of the judiciary is far from over.

Please don’t vote for politicians who will expand, rather than limit, the power of the judiciary.

I have included links to some resources; I pray you will evaluate this information carefully and prayerfully, and then go to the polls.”

Dr. James Dobson signature

Additional Resource Links

America’s Civil Wars—Then And Now
Hear What’s at Stake: Download the MP3
Register to Vote
iVoter Guide
FRC Action Party Platform Comparison

Critical Issue #5 – The Judicial System

Critical Issue #6 – Capitalism v. Socialism – Will be posted separately

Critical Issue #7 – The Nation on Israel -Will be posted separately

If you’re an American citizen that doesn’t exercise your right to vote, you are part of the problem. In my opinion if you don’t vote, you lose the right to comment on or complain about the outcome.

If you live outside the US, I covet your prayers for the election & the unrest in our land.

Stay tuned as more of these discussions are released.

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