World Mental Health Day- Jesus Understands Anguish

If you or someone you love struggles with mental health issues, you need to read this.

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Today is World Mental Health Day. Unfortunately there is still stigma attached to mental health issues. Somehow it is forgotten that the brain is an organ that is part of our physical bodies.

We don’t say to a diabetic they are weak because they need insulin or to someone with asthma they don’t really need that inhaler.

As Christians, we are exhorted to bear one another’s burdens in Galatians 6. Depression and anxiety are burdens. Bi-Polar is a burden. God wants us to come alongside people who suffer to be supportive not judgemental.

As someone who has experienced depression/anxiety as symptoms of chronic illness, I understand how interconnected our bodies are. When one part of our bodies suffer, it can affect other parts of our bodies. Think about something as simple as lack of sleep for a few days and how it can affect one’s mood and it would only…

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  1. As a brain tumour survivor by the grace of God I am very aware of the burden of bad mental health. I still have episodes and symptoms due to my illness that affect my memory and emotions, but in these I am still a conqueror by the power of God.

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  2. Barb, thank you for sharing this post. So very true. The sadness of it all is how at times our brains through a physical part of our body, get stigmatized when something is wrong, chemical imbalances, or not working properly.
    Visiting from the Stop the Stigma Tell Your Story Link-up.

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