In the Woods, He Met Me

This is a VERY important topic. Take your time when you read it and soak in what the author is sharing! đź’—

Almost nine years ago, I was walking in the woods behind my house in Tallahassee. The afternoon sun was waning and my infant son was sleeping in his wrap against my chest. I was walking with Him, too—praying, listening. Suddenly, I felt a presence to my right.  With my hand on my baby’s head, I […]

In the Woods, He Met Me


  1. Barb, thank you for reposting my piece. It is so important that I share my story so that other new moms— God’s precious children— know that it is ok to seek help much earlier than I did. I hope this piece touches someone who really needs to read it.

    You’re the best, Barb!

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