Chico and His Dream

A few weeks ago I shared with some friends about the Q&A that went back and forth between myself and 4 year old “Chico” on the school bus over the course of the school year. Chico sat right behind me so it was easy to chat with him. He asked me questions like, “Why can’t I see God” & “How does God get to church?”

To the first question I said something like, “God is all around us. You know how sometimes you are alone in your room but you don’t feel lonely, that’s God being your friend” or “When something really special happens to you, that is God giving you a present. ” We had this discussion on multiple occasions and he always went away with a smile on his face.

For the second question, “How does God get to church?”. I turned it around and asked him how he thought that God gets to church. He immediately responded, “I think God takes a helicopter to church”. From there I explained that the church is God’s house so He is always there AND He is always with us. God is always with us. It took him a while to wrap his head around that concept.

Before I tell you the next part of the story, I need to remind you that Head Start is under the USDA, as well as many local government agencies. Therefore, I cannot initiate a conversation about “religious things” BUT if a child (or coworker) asks me a question, I am free to answer.

Flash forward to Fall 2020, little Chico was really struggling with online Kindergarten. His parents had several conversations with him about being a good boy & listening to his teachers. But he still was having trouble sitting still and participating in class. Last week, our local school district started partial-day-in person learning and things began to improve for Chico.

Recently, Chico had a dream.

In this dream, he was in Heaven and talking to God. When he woke up Chico told his mom all about how beautiful it was in Heaven. “Mama, there were so many animals and yummy fruit & veggies and angels and water and grass and trees. But you know what the best part was? I got to talk to God and He told me that I need to be a good boy at school. I am going to do it mama, I promise to be a good boy at school from now on”

As Chico’s mom related this story to me I got chills. And thinking about it now, I get chills all over again! God is truly speaking to this precocious kindergartener. God has shown me that my words have made a difference in Chico’s life.

Thank you, Abba Father, for letting me be even a small part of Chico’s story of faith!!


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