Crossroads Prison Ministries

It has been a VERY long time since I have been able to host Bible Study or Church with the ladies at McHenry County Jail. As a matter of fact Sunday, March 8th was the last time I was there. We have no idea when or if we will ever be allowed to serve as chaplains at the jail again.

My friend and fellow chaplain, Mary, encouraged me to become a mentor through Crossroads Prison Ministries. In September I submitted my application & just a few days ago I recieved my training materials in the mail. I can’t wait to get started.

“At Crossroads Prison Ministries, we connect prisoners with volunteer mentors on the outside. Unlikely friendships are formed, and the lives of both prisoners and mentors are changed as they exchange letters, study God’s Word and apply biblical truths to their lives.”

As a jail chaplain/mentor it is important to remember that you have never looked into the eyes of someone that doesn’t matter to God. And not every inmate is a criminal. “They seized the apostles and made a public show of putting them in prison.” – Acts 5:18 CEB

I covet your prayers as I start this new opportunity to share God’s word with those behind bars.

The handbook and my “grade books” for three of the available programs.


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