Lessons from Nehemiah – Keys to Spiritual Breakthrough – Donna Partow [REVIEW]

How could I pass up an invitation like this?

 Is it time to rebuild…in some area of your life? Whether career, relationships, finances, health or even your faith. If the answer is yes….then I know you’ll be blessed by this teaching, “Lessons from Nehemiah: Keys to Spiritual Breakthrough” featuring special guest, Deanna Allen, founder of Abundant Place Ministries.

What are you in bondage to? A bad habit? Addiction? Approval of others? Stuff or Status? Self hatred? Unforgiveness? Heartache? Grudges? Insecurity? Your destructive patterns in your children or grandchildren? Lack of follow-through/breaking promises? Financial loss? Sabotage your own success?

To whatever extent you are controlled by something other than the power of God and the choices that you — under the influence of the Holy Spirit — make….to that degree, you’re not free”

10 Keys for Walking in Freedom That Lasts

  1. Cry out to God in prayer – Nehemiah 1:4
  2. Ask for forgiveness — Nehemiah 1:6
  3. Wait for God to respond – Nehemiah 1:5-6
  4. Make your needs known honestly – Nehemiah 2:3
  5. Assess the damage – Nehemiah 2:17
  6. Ask for help — Nehemiah 2:17
  7. Focus on God, not the problem – Nehemiah 2:18
  8. Come up with a plan and work it – Nehemiah 3
  9. Prepare for opposition – Nehemiah 4:8
  10. Be aware of your weak areas and protect them – Nehemiah 4:9

For the video & the FREE eBook CLICK HERE

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