More on Psalm 91

A couple of weeks ago I asked for your take on Psalm 91. I got some great responses.

From Alan Kearns of Devotional Treaures:

“Challenge accepted Barbara, watch this space!”. You can also read his post Psalm 91 – Trusting El Shaddai

From mrsmariposa2014 at Just a Jesus Girl:

“Ah, a favorite psalm of mine! In short, for me this means He is a protection so complete I need fear nothing. It does not promise we won’t face many a battle, but it does remind that He is there with us through it all, our shield and our fortress. Yet, it also evokes in me the thought of something more tender than that, a Father wrapping us securely in His arms.♥️” 

From Hannah Michaela at CoC@GetFit:

“Love this Psalm and will see if I can write what it means to me in my own words.” Her post is God The Protector – Inspired by Psalm 91

From Chris Adedoyin at Varsity Experience:

“This Psalm promises defense for abiding children of God. Defense happens to be one of the things countries budget huge amount of money for every year (yet, nations are vulnerable) which is for free in God’s kingdom. We should be excited about that.”

From Seeking Divine Perspective:

“My granddaughters just finished memorizing this Psalm. It has always been a favorite of mine. I was given a melody for the first 6 verses and have been singing it when healing has taken place. I’ve also seen the recording of the song used to encourage, even in places I didn’t know it had gone. (I sent a tape to “Any Soldier” during the first Gulf War, and it ended up in the hands of a chaplain, who used it in his services. So I “sang to the troops”!)”

Valerie Cullers of Navigating the World from a Christian Perspective said this:

“This Psalm is one of my favorites and gives me a sense of security and protection. I have shared it with others who are struggling with fear.”

Vanessa of Brave, Blessed & Beautiful wrote God Do You Hear Me? It is based on Psalm 31 but it seemed to fit with the other things shared here.

After reading everyones posts & comments and rereading Psalm 91. I have realized anew that God delights in providing safety for those who call Him, Father. I am still amazed at how one passage of scripture can speak differently to each of us. I suppose that is the magic of His Living Word.

You can read my original post HERE



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