What is a Jesse Tree?

Until this Advent I did not know what a Jesse Tree was. But once The Greatest Gift virtual book club began, I knew needed to create my own version of a Jesse Tree.

What is a Jesse Tree, you ask?Simply put, it is a visual representation of Christ’s family tree. It starts Jesse (David’s father) and ends with the birth of Jesus.

Jesse Trees have taken many forms over the years.

Using the free printable ornaments offered in Ann Voskamp’s book and a few craft supplies, my husband, Michael, helped me create our own Jesse Tree. Each ornament is two-sided. The idea is to start with the scripture side out & to flip over a picture each day until the entire family tree is revealed.

A small tree will begin to grow from the stump of Jesse. That branch will grow from Jesse’s roots. – Isaiah 11:1 ERV

For Christ’s Genealogy read Matthew 1 & Luke 3:23-38

I will be posting my review of The Greatest Gift on Christmas Day.



  1. Barb! I LOVE your Jesse tree ornaments! Because you have them adhered to wood, they will be great keepsakes to last for years to come.

    I love seeing the different images of Jesse Trees throughout the centuries.

    Enjoying your company in the virtual book club ❤️💚

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