Thank you, Lord

Always be thankful….even in the hard times.

Abide in Christ's Love

Lord, you are my strength.

You are almighty in power.

You are the perfect truth that sets me free.

External circumstances do not change my status or identity.

Your word keeps me safe on the path aligned to your will.

Your truth stabilizes my feet when the path ices over.

When my feet desire to run, calm my heart and remind me-

You are my God. I will obey.

Thank you Lord, for giving me holy courage to align my decisions,

my reactions, my attitudes, and my ambitions with your word.

Thank you Lord, for empowering me to control my thoughts,

and blessing me with a deep inner stability because I choose to follow Jesus Christ.

Thank you Lord, for releasing your power, your promises, and your victory-

into my life whenever I call on your name.

Thank you Lord, for relieving the pressure from my shoulders,

and leading me…

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