Songs Based on the Psalms

My friends, I need your help!!!

In February I will be participating in another Dee Brestin Bible study, A Woman of Worship. Some versions of the book do come with a music CD; but just in case we can’t find a copy that has the CD, we are “collecting” songs that are based on the Psalms.

So the request is this…..if you know of any songs that are based on the Psalms, please share them with me (the song title, the lyrics, YouTube etc.).

I look forward to learning some wonderful new “Psalm Songs” from all of you, thanks.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful Bible Study!
    I have enjoyed Robert Evans Scripture Songs, they are free to use.
    Let All The Earth Psalm 33.8,9 is great, it is under Scripture Songs #1
    You can find many more based on the Psalms by scrolling through the Scripture songs, they are listed by Scriptures used. If you are interested it is Scripture
    They are acoustic style, but he has a nice soothing voice.
    God Bless 🙂

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