Perception – #Write28Days – Day 23

I recently discovered a blog entitled Lisa Notes…. The author of said blog is also participating in the Write 28 Days Blogging Challenge and has been doing a series called Hidden Biases. I mention this because the prompt for today is “perception” and another word for perception is bias.

The flip side of bias is appreciation.

On Sunday I posted a shout-out to my fellow school bus drivers on social media. Within a couple of hours my friend Greg “Photoshop” Stecks had created the picture below.

Yes, that’s me in the drivers seat having the time of my life.

#Write28Days #100Words


  1. I didn’t know you were a schoolbus driver. Your hat in the picture should be a crown of jewels! 🙂 Utmost respect for you, friend. You definitely deserve lots of appreciation. Thanks for the shout-out about my hidden biases series. I’ve learned a lot more than I wanted to know. lol.

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