20 Things That All Bariatric Patients Need to Know

If you’re considering bariatric surgery or know someone that is, here are a few tips from those of us who are in the know:

  1. You will always be cold after surgery.
  2. Stay away from carbonation.
  3. You can probably go back to work about 7-10 days after surgery.
  4. Cauliflower crust is now your new best friend.
  5. Burping, hiccuping, and sneezing are all signs you are full!
  6. I promise you will be able to use a straw at some point and guzzle water.
  7. Stay physically active.
  8. Take your vitamins (patches help).
  9. You will experience depression and anxiety but it goes awa.y
  10. This is a tool. It is one piece to a whole lot of changes.
  11. Tracking your food is the key to success!
  12. Drink your water.
  13. Stalls will happen, trust the process & don’t beat yourself up.
  14. Share your story. You may save someone else’s life.
  15. Celebrate your NSVs (Non Scale Victories).
  16. Avoid “white” carbs & fried food.
  17. Be careful not to trade your food addiction for another addiction.
  18. Alcohol contains empty calories.
  19. Learn to make healthy versions of your favorite foods.
  20. When invited to a party, make a bariatric friendly dish or eat before you go.


  1. Hey Barb, thanks for these great reminders. I’m 13 years into the Lap-Band and as time went on had forgotten about the do’s and don’ts. Oh how wonderful straws are, I didn’t have to give up straws for to long. But I do have to share, here with you for the first time with anyone. Jesus has been nudging me to get my band checked, I stopped getting regular bariatric check ups after about 5 years in. Now, I’m beginning to have some problems. So, I will be following his nudge and get checked. Blessings my friend.

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