Story – IG Challenge Day 3

The STORY of Jesus is considered “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”

The gospel is the good news that God sent Jesus to undo what Adam undid. Jesus died and rose again for sinners, just as God promised. It is the good news that we can once more be truly human. No longer are we, like Adam, evicted from God’s presence and under his wrath. The garden—the kingdom—has been regained with a plus. It is the good news that we sons of the second Adam have been remade—not just considered to be remade —but actually remade—not fully . . . yet —but actually, truly. We’ve been re-born, made new, which is to say re-generated. We sons of the second Adam were remade, raised with him to new life. His resurrection guarantees our own. We are new creatures. Yes, this means something terribly important for the future. And, yes, it means we’ve got something we must share now with our unbelieving neighbors before its too late. However, for far too long we’ve missed what the gospel means for us now. We’ve missed why the gospel is good news for Christians today. ‐ The Gospel Coalition

I have listed some additional resources below:

Bible Gateway

The Bible Project

The 1965 Movie

YouVersion 7-Day Reading Plan

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