Four Somethings* – May 2021


I loved participating in the Hope*Writers 7-Day Instagram Challenge.


Voice – Day 1

Refresh – Day 2

Story – Day 3

Remember – Day 4

Middle – Day 5

Question – Day 6

Purpose – Day 7


The best thing that was said to me this month was, “the sheriff has cleared us to restart our Saturday & Sunday ministry at the jail“. Tomorrow (5/23/21) I will be giving a message on being thankful in all things. I can’t believe that after nearly 16 months I will finally be able to share God’s word with the female inmates at McHenry County Jail once again! God is Good!


UWW 2021

Last weekend we celebrated our daughter’s college graduation! We are beyond proud of the fine young lady that she has become and we look forward to seeing what God has planned for the next few years of her life.

Here are a couple of guest posts that she wrote:

E-Learning My Thoughts as a Student, and as a Teacher

A Few Words About Distance Learning


On Memorial Day weekend I have the following:

  • A Virtual Bridal Shower for our son & his fiancée (Mark & Jade)
  • My next international foodie adventure at Sabri Nihari Restaurant
  • Adult Sunday School resumes & our service times go back to normal
  • A quick lunch with my daughter

Yes, you can truly tell that the world is opening back up, again. Just in time for summer!!!


*What is Share Four Somethings? It is a monthly link-up where you literally share four somethings.  So please join us in sharing Something Loved, Something Read (or Said), Something Treasured, and Something Ahead.

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  1. Praise God. That’s wonderful Barb. They must be looking forward to seeing you as well. Have a blessed week ahead then.☺️

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