15k in May (5k at a Time)

Ahhh Spring…

It’s so nice to be able to walk outside without bundling up or coating myself in bug spray.

It was “impossible” ignore any of these “runs” so….I did them all.


May the 4th Be With You – Feeding America

Yes, my household has seen ALL of the movies, TV series, and read the books. R2D2 is one of my favorite characters.


I Run 4 Teachers – Adopt a Classroom

I did this one for so many reasons. I work for Head Start, my daughter is a teacher & many of my regular readers are educators as well.


Positive Vibes Only – Feeding America

I did this one with my coworker and friend, Wendy. We definitely needed a positive attitude to endure this year of virtual and in-person learning with all of the COVID-19 protocols, ever-changing procedures, and special friends.

We chose Veterans Acres for our hike because…

Passive recreation lovers enjoy groomed cross country ski trails in the winter and hiking trails through natural areas including Sterne’s Woods and Wingate Prairie, an Illinois Nature Preserve. McHenry County Conservation District’s Prairie Trail also winds through Veteran Acres.


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