Vision by Ann Aschauer [REVIEW]


Vision is the second in the Awakening Series by Ann Aschauer. In this sequel we follow Liz’s developing love story. Not your average romance, the author’s insight into family dynamics, quirky relatives, and young love force the reader to seriously reflect on personal relationship issues. Vision is filled with enough twists, turns, laughter, and tears to grab your attention from the first sentence to the last..


I really enjoyed this story & the additional insight into the lives of Liz & Sean. If you have ever wondered if God is interested in the minutiae of human lives, this story will answer that question for you. If you have ever wondered if God still does miracles, this story will answer that question too

I’m looking forward to reading, Sparrows, the next book in this series inorder to get some more questions answered.

NOTE: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Barb, thanks so much for the encouraging review! I clicked on the links just for the heck of it, and was delighted to find a batch of reviews for each of my books, some of which I hadn’t seen before. Best of all, I found Amazon is now showing the actual cover of “Counselor.” – The last time I looked, they were showing the cover of a cook book! (“What the —!?”) I spent several hours trying to correct it. But as you probably know, there is no phone number for Amazon (that I know of) and I got no response to my emails. Obviously someone got the message, though. So this has been a good day. 😉
    Thanks again. ❤

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