Lust & Purity: Stepping Beyond the Woman-Kind of Sexual Lust with the Power of The Cross by Orowhe Blessing [REVIEW]


Is lust a girl thing? Is sexual purity possible in a sex-hyped world?

From a body lotion to a shoe polish, sexual appeal is used to sell almost everything. This makes the struggle for sexual purity more difficult because we do not know; the real enemy, the strategy he is deploying and the power available to us as God’s girls on the earth. So sometimes, we approach sexual purity with the tool of legalism, by this I mean, the do’s and don’ts of rules and regulation, which more often than not will lead to a fatal failure. Or, we approach sexual purity with the tool of lawlessness, by this I mean, living by the dictates of our flesh, which will eventually make us skid off the road, causing a great disaster. But, what if we approach sexual purity with the Power of the Cross? Could this be the path to victory? 


This would be a good for mother-daughter study or for a group of young women. Because it offers study questions & many other resources to expand the conversation.


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