Vision Board Checkup

Since we are half way through the year it’s time to see how I am progressing with the 12 things on my 2021 Vision Board I approached things a little different than most. Some things on my poster were personal goals while others were prayers for others in my life.

Here I go:

  1. Mark & Jade Wedding (10/17/21) – They moved the date up to July 18th. We are looking forward to celebrating their marriage layer this month. 💗💕💗
  2. Always Give Love – This is a work in progress.
  3. Down 200lbs – I only have 25 pounds to reach my goal. CLICK HERE for more on my journey.
  4. Head Start Food Delivery – What a crazy school year it was. CLICK HERE for more Preschool Adventures
  5. Read Through the Bible This Year – So far I have read through the Bible twice this year (NIV). I’m currently working my way through the NASB.
  6. Read Three Books Per Week – This means 156 books overall. This includes paper copies, ebooks, audio books & children’s books. I have read 82 books so far. You can read my reviews HERE or see my GOODREADS PROFILE
  7. Cultivate True Friendships – This is tied very closely to #2 Always Give Love, above. I can sometimes be a steamroller when I have “a plan”. This is not a good way to make & keep friends, BUT with God’s help I will be an OVERCOMER.
  8. Spiritual Growth – I am a lump of clay in the hands of the Potter. It’s not always fun but the end result will be amazing!
  9. Drink Plenty of Water – Most of you know that adults need a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day. My personal goal is 80+ ounces per day.
  10. Rachel Graduate From UWW – She did it! She graduated with a BS in Elementary Education & a minor in English as a Second Language (ESL). We are so proud of her career path and look forward to seeing the impact she will have in the Milwaukee Public School System.
  11. Walk at Least One 5k Per Month – I am ahead of the game here too. So far I have walked 10 5Ks since the beginning of the year. CLICK HERE for more on my workouts.
  12. Healing for Our Family – Our Family experienced great tragedy at the end of 2020. Some days the pain is so raw that I can barely breathe. On other days I can almost believe that it happened to another family & I am just watching the repercussions unfold from the sidelines.


Did you create a vison board for 2021?

How are you progressing?


  1. Wow, great job with creating & putting into action your 2021 Vision Board! Well done!

    I’m saddened to hear you & your family are going through a time of grief.
    I know what grief is & it can be so overwhelming at times with its ebb & flow of its waves that crash down upon us & then thankfully ebb away for a little while.
    I lost my daughter Candy & my son Benjamin within a year of each other & much later my dear late husband to brain cancer.
    Be kind to yourself through this time, Our heavenly Father is a very present & pleasant comfort through His Holy Spirit in this time.
    Bless you,

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  2. I love your vision board, Barb. I wonder if I could do something like this for 2022….

    Congrats on all the progress you’re making each month! That’s amazing. I’m about to finish reading through the Bible again, but it’s taken me 2 years again to do it. 🙂

    I’m so sorry for the heavy loss you have experienced. Even small losses take awhile to recover from, so stay patient with your healing.

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