One Year Later

Yes, that’s me with my surgeon, Dr. John Cheregi of Advanced Bariatrics. He and the rest of my medical team has been beyond supportive. I am healthier than I have been in over 20 years & my life has been forever changed.

Dr. John Cheregi & Barb Hegreberg

Here’s what his assistant, Kierstrn Kern, shared on “social” after my appointment today.

” #weightlosswednesday Barb is down 133 lbs #1year after her #bariatricsurgery with #teamcheregi Can you say #micdrop 🎀 She is a #rockstar 🀩 #sustainableliving is possible with #weightlosssurgery #healthy is a #lifestyle not a #diet DM us to start your #wlsjourney @advbariatrics #bariatricbabes #slv #rny #humpday #wednesdaymotivation “

My arms are wrapped in the picture above because I got my “wings clipped” (aka arm lift) a couple of weeks ago. No amount of exercise was going to tighten up that much extra skin.

Dr. Madry came highly recommended for the kind, compassionate & skillful way he cares for his patients.

The morning before surgery

#wlsjourney #WLS #VSG #teamcheregi #drstephenmadry #OneYearLater #sucessstory


  1. You are awesome and so is Dr. John Cheregi. He did my surgery 9 months ago and I’m down 108 lbs. Praise God for His giftedness He has placed in such cool people. Congrats Barb!!!! So proud of you!!

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