Pretzels, Shawarma & a Boat Ride…Oh My!

For our June Authentic Ethnic Foodie Journey, Connie & I really pulled out all the stops.

STOP #1 – Dinkel’s Bakery

We found out that Dinkel’s Bakery had fresh pretzels & I 💗 big soft pretzels. Sadly they were not as good as expected. But the chocolate chip cookies, ginger snaps & carrot cupcakes were amazing. At least that’s what I am told. 😉

Dinkel’s Bakery, 3329 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago


STOP #2 – Shawarma Inn

I have wanted to try this food ever since the Avengers went to “that new shwarma place” at the end of the 2012 movie. This food was so good.

We have learned to take a hot/cold bag with us so that the leftovers don’t go bad.


STOP #3 – Wendella Architectural Tour

The weather couldn’t have been any better, the sun was shining & there was a slight breeze coming off of Lake Michigan.


STOP #4 – Jim’s Original

Remember the hot bag that we brought?We were able to make a quick stop for bone-in pork chop sandwiches to take home & they were still hot when we got home.


STOP #5 – Oberweis

We “needed” ice cream to finish out the day…right?!?

101-103 S NW Hwy, Park Ridge



  1. This looks like an amazing trip, Barbara! I love shawarma, however, my guys don’t. So, though I have a tasty recipe, I rarely make it. I may have chuckled a bit when I read about the Avenger’s reference. I remember that!

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