Alive Again by Sarah K. Howley [REVIEW]


We have all heard stories like Mary Johnson’s: in 1993, her son was murdered by her next-door neighbor. How could she forgive him?

Or we have heard of, or perhaps even shared in, Jillian’s struggle. “I can’t. I just don’t think I can forgive him,” she said in describing her marriage challenges. How could she forgive?

The honest truth is that forgiveness is hard. God’s forgiveness and love are the foundation of our relationship with him, through Christ’s blood. We know that we should forgive others, even up to 77 times. But it is hard. In Alive Again, Sarah acknowledges this difficult reality and uses scripture, anecdotes, and practical application to encourage us to let God’s power work healing through forgiveness.

Discover how to live abundantly in Christ through his forgiveness and forgiving others, as Sarah K. Howley helps you in:

  • Understanding how unforgiveness binds us and impacts our relationships while forgiveness leads to abundant life.
  • Empowering us with tools in Christ, scripture, grace, and the Holy Spirit to heal our brokenness, including journaling and independent Bible study pages.
  • Uprooting hidden hurts and offenses that control our behaviors, including bitterness.
  • Capturing lingering memories and pain and submitting them to scripture.
  • Providing a method to address ongoing relationships that simply don’t change and biblical examples of reconciliation, or not reconciling.

Alive Again: Find Healing Through Forgiveness guides you to think biblically about your current struggles and equip you with God’s tools to heal from emotional damage: reliance on Christ for salvation, Scripture as the basis for faith, and recognizing that lasting change is the result of the power of God, the grace of Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


In one of the early chapters, the author compares unforgiveness to a rope that slowly begins tightening around the offended person and eventually affects everything else in their lives.

Then there is the reminder that if we snap at others it is typically not about the current circumstance, but instead unresolved pain.

It is impossible to continue to harbor bitterness toward someone if you are earnestly praying for them & the situation.

Each chapter ends with a few questions for reflection or discussion.

I received this book free from the author.  My only obligation is to provide an honest review.

CLICK HERE to order your copy.

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